SEPTEMBER SOUL. Peace for My Mind




00:00 SIDNEY JOE QUALLS Where Lillies Grow (Spanish Zafiro/Brunswick, 7″, 1973) / 03:31 MARVIN GAYE Symphony (US Universal 2LP “You’re The Man”, 2019)/ 06:16 ANN PEEBLES You Got To Feed The Fire (Spanish Columbia /London 7″ “Beware” B Side, 1975) / 08:28 DAN PENN I Do (UK Ace 2LP “The Fame Recordings”, 2013) / 10:51 JOE SIMON I Got A Whole Lot Of Loving’ (Spanish Movieplay /Monument 7″ “Yours Love” B Side, 1970) / 13:16 THE SUPERLATIVES I Don’t Know How (US Westbound 7″, 1968) / 15:44 BILLY JONES I’ll Keep Holding On (Spanish Zafiro Lp “Birds Of The Sea” , 1975) / 18:08 DAN PENN If Love Was Money (US Bell LP “Nobody’s Fool”, 1973) / 22:30 AL GREEN L.O.V.E. Love (Spanish Columbia /London 7″, 1975) / 25:29 JOHNNY TAYLOR You’re The Best In The World (Spanish CBS “Disco Lady” 7″ B Side, 1976) / 28:40 DISCO TEX & THE SEX-O-LETTES With SIR MONTI III Hot Lava (Spanish Polydor/Chelsea 7″, 1976) / 31:36 FOUR TOPS Still Water (Love) (Spanish Tamla Motown 7″, 1970) / 34:45 JOE JEFFREY GROUP Dreamin’ Til Then (US Wand LP “My Pledge Of Love”, 1969) / 37:36 CARL DOUGLAS & THE EXPLOSION Can I Change Your Mind (Spanish Polydor 7″ “Eeny Meeny” B Side, 1969) / 40:27 FREDERIC KNIGHT Your Love Is All Over Me (US Stax LP I’ve Been Lonely For So Long”, 1973) / 43:05 EXIT 9 I Love You, I Love You Completely (Spanish Zafiro/Brunswick LP “Straight Up”, 1976) / 48:50 THE PEOPLE’S CHOICE Big Ladies Man (Spanish Discophon 7″ “I Like To Do It” B Side, 1971) / 48:15 JOE BATAAN Call My Name (Spanish Vampisoul LP “Call My Name”, 2005) / 52:48 TURLEY RICHARDS Peace For My Mind (US Warner Brothers LP “Expressions”, 1971

Estamos de Vacaciones: Sweetest Decline



Estamos de Vacaciones: Sweetest Decline


AZYMUTH Voo sobre o horizonte / ODYSSEY Our Lives Are Shaped By What We Love / THE MOB I’d Like To See More Of You / BOBBIE GENTRY Somebody Like Me / MARVIN GAYE Where Are We Going? / LOUIS CHEDID Dans Les Jardins De La Ville Rose / MARCOS VALLE Olha Cha Te Chegando / EXIT 9 Jive Man / BETTY WRIGHT Man Of Mine / ZOOM Put Me In Your Heart (ESS Edit) / DEE EDWARDS Why Can’t There Be Love? / HELIO MATHEUS Eu, reu me condeno / RICARDO EDDY MARTINEZ Expreso rítmico / BETH ORTON Sweetest Decline