ESTUDIODELSONIDOESNOB: Adventures in Sound Vol. 1

AUSTRALIAN SOUNDI love Japan (from Sidney / Kangaroo’s Jump 45 Single, Novola Spain, 1974) /SANDRO BRUGNOLINI La Notte muore (from L’Uomo Dagli Occhiali A Specchio Lp, Cinedelic Reissue, 2015) / THE JIMI ENTLEY SOUNDCharlie’s Theme (from Apache / Charlie’s Theme 45 Single, Espionage Disk, 2002) / THE FEMININE COMPLEX Are You Lonesome Like me? (from Livin’ Love Lp, Athena Records, 1969) / PEDRO GONZÁLEZ El Samurai (from Cumba Gitana Ep, BOA Spain, 1976) / MONEY MARK Cry (from Mark’s Keyboard repair Lp, MoWax UK, 1995) / KEN NORDINE Indians (from Twinks Lp, Philips, 1967) / TAICONDEROGA Speakin’ My Mind (from Speaking’ My Mind / Witchi Tai To 45 Single, Spanish Belter, 1970)JACQUES HIGELIN Mona Lisa Klaxon (from Cigarette / Mona Lisa Klaxon 45 Single, EMI Spain, 1975) / ERSEN va DADASLAR Güzele bak Güzele (B Side from Gafili Gezme Saskin 45 Single, Sahinler Turkey, 1975) / CURTIS MAYFIELD Mighty Mighty (Spade & Whitey) (from Mighty Mighty 45 Single, Curtom, 1971) / PEPE SÁNCHEZ Y SU ROCK BAND Sentimiento (from Sentimiento / Cantares 45 Single, Marfer, 1976) / ORCHESTRA KING ZERAND Night Song (from Vento Caldo / Night Song 45 Single, Bang! Bang! Italy, 1977) / CHRISTINE HARWOOD Wooden Ships (from Wooden Ships / Hear What I’ve To Say 45 Single, Finders Keepers, 2006) / OSANNA Variation V (from Milano CAlibro 9 Lp, USA P.I. Records, 1973)SHAWN ROBINSON & PIERO PICCIONI Right or Wrong (from Right Or Wrong / Once And Again 45 Single, Four Flies,2018) / THE PAWNSHOP My Shade (B Side from The Telegraph Is Calling 45 Single, Roman Record Company, 1971) / THE SAMURAI Fresh Hot Breeze of Summer (B Side from Shu She, Italian UA, 1969) / ERROL PARKER Des garçons et des filles (from Des Garcons et des Filles Original Soundtrack Ep, Decca France, 1967) / OLIVIER DESPAX et ROLAND VINCENT Dingo (B Side from Femmes 45 Single, Quelque Chose Come Glenariff Original Soundtrack, French Vogue, 1969)