En el duermevela de un mar calmo.



… I can’t fight the rain…

00.00 TWO FRIENDS Can’t find home
03.31 LAMBERT AND NUTTYCOMBE Heaven knows (Where i have been)
05.21 MARK FRY Dream with Alice
05.54 JACKSON C. FRANK Blues run the game
09.23 MARK FRY Song to wild
11.52 MARC BRIERLEY Time for love
15.00 THE SHIP The calm
20.12 DONOVAN The river song
22.21 ALZO AND UDINE Want your love
26.40 THOMAS AND RICHARD FROST Fighting my way
30.44 SMOKEY AND HIS SISTER In a dream of silent seas
33.01 PRELUDE After the goldrush
35.06 BERT JANSCH Needle of death
38.21 BOB RAY Personal movie
41.20 SYD BARRETT Long hair
43.02 BARRY BOOTH Mole
46.47 FAMILY Mellowing grey
49.29 PINK FLOYD Green is the colour
52.21 DUNCAN BROWNE Ninepence worth of walking
55.54 JOHN ST. FIELD Mansion tension
59.18 JOAN BAEZ Been not too hard…