Estamos de Vacaciones: Sweetest Decline



Estamos de Vacaciones: Sweetest Decline


AZYMUTH Voo sobre o horizonte / ODYSSEY Our Lives Are Shaped By What We Love / THE MOB I’d Like To See More Of You / BOBBIE GENTRY Somebody Like Me / MARVIN GAYE Where Are We Going? / LOUIS CHEDID Dans Les Jardins De La Ville Rose / MARCOS VALLE Olha Cha Te Chegando / EXIT 9 Jive Man / BETTY WRIGHT Man Of Mine / ZOOM Put Me In Your Heart (ESS Edit) / DEE EDWARDS Why Can’t There Be Love? / HELIO MATHEUS Eu, reu me condeno / RICARDO EDDY MARTINEZ Expreso rítmico / BETH ORTON Sweetest Decline