THE RUBBER BAND "In and out of my life" (Columbia, 1966)

 La canción del mes. Sheik’s wise advices
In and out of my life you come and you go,
you think that you want me but you don’t know
I’ll find a way to put you aside,
I got you, forget you and remember my pride.
I don’t know why i love you like i do,
I just know i shouldn’t but i still do,
If you don´t prove that you care,
next time you want me i won’t be there.
Don’t say no matter how i’ll spent my time,
but how can you care when you’re never there,
when you’re never there, 
when you’re never there.
If you really love me you’ll walk at this way,
you’re coming to my heart and next way you stay,
How can you say the things that you do,
How can you say them when you know that’s not true…